Chapter 264: Trapped in a Strange Land

It’s here again. It’s that watchful gaze again…

Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows as he glanced around. Yet apart from Qin Shanshan’s entourage and the wilderness on all four sides, nothing else could be seen.

This was the tenth day that Ye Xiuwen had been travelling together with Qin Shanshan, but ever since the fourth day began, Ye Xiuwen had discovered a peculiar, discreet gaze watching them from afar.

Ye Xiuwen’s cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds while he was within the depths of the Death’s Gorge. The density of spiritual energy within the Death’s Gorge was incredibly thick. In fact, the density in those grounds was almost a thousand times thicker than the density of spiritual energy within some of the best lands for cultivation on the surface. Furthermore, Ye Xiuwen’s talent for cultivation had been pretty good to begin with. Thus, Ye Xiuwen had experienced an explosive transformation over the years he was stuck within the Death’s Gorge.

Right now, Ye Xiuwen had already attained the Nascent Soul stage of cultivation, and the sensitivity of his five senses far exceeded Qin Shanshan and the others who were only in the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation. Thus, what Ye Xiuwen had picked up on might not necessarily have been similarly noticed by Qin Shanshan.

And this was the reality as well – Qin Shanshan and the others had failed to notice the gaze that was trained on their entourage. At the same time, Ye Xiuwen did not intend to alert the group to this either.

Rather, he was merely curious who the owner of this gaze was. After all, every time he released his divine sense...

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