Chapter 263: Qin Shanshan’s Invitation, Onwards to the Dawn Sect

Qin Shanshan was stunned by the fact that a calm, cool and dignified person like Ye Xiuwen would suddenly crush and shatter a teacup.

In the blink of an eye, she completely forgot about how she had just moments ago been garrulously jabbering about the Heavenly Peak and delighting in their misery, and she simply stared at Ye Xiuwen with a flabbergasted look in her eyes. It was almost as though someone had choked and stifled her speech, muting her.

Yet Ye Xiuwen simply raised an eyebrow placidly as he called the waiter over, “Waiter, could you please bring me a new teacup?”

“Mm, mm. I’ll be right over…” The waiter hurriedly ran over and cautiously swept the shattered pieces of the teacup into a bin, bowed to Ye Xiuwen, before running off.

Moments later, the waiter brought a fresh new teacup over to their table, and he politely and gingerly placed the teacup in front of Ye Xiuwen. He did these things with an extremely light touch, as though he were afraid to startle Ye Xiuwen.

While the waiter was doing all these things, the entire table remained completely silent, as though they were all on edge right now. The only thing that the male disciples did from time to time was to cast a curious, inquisitive glance at Ye Xiuwen.

The tension at the table continued until Ye Xiuwen received a new cup and made himself a new cup of tea.

“Why are you all staring at me?” Ye Xiuwen sipped at his tea as he glanced about at his surroundings,...

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