Chapter 262: Whereabouts of the Heavenly Peak Members

Qin Shanshan’s words were borne out of curiosity, but Ye Xiuwen still had to give it some thought and consideration. After all, there was currently nobody within the Dawn Sect standing on the side of the Heavenly Peak’s faction. A single slip up on his part could reveal his identity to all, and it would completely dash any of his hopes of locating his master and the other disciples from the Heavenly Peak.

Ye Xiuwen firmly believed that Jun Linxuan and the rest were not dead. His conviction in this regard was not borne out of any evidence that they were alive. Rather, it was simply borne out of the fact that he might not be able to deal with the prospects of the entire Heavenly Peak being annihilated and massacred.

Furthermore, Qin Shanshan had dropped a small hint earlier that the Heavenly Peak had not been massacred, and it would be more accurate to describe them as in dire straits.

This was sufficient consolation to Ye Xiuwen. As long as there was even a single strand of hope, he would clutch tightly to it until the day he could rescue his master and fellow martial brothers.

Ye Xiuwen’s thoughts were all buried deep beneath the cold expressions of his. His mind churned, and he thought about the encounter just before falling into the Death’s Gorge.

At that time, he and Jun Xiaomo had stepped on the toes of one of the eight great sects, the Du Clan, and thus ended up being surrounded...

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