Chapter 261: Qin Shanshan’s Unrequited Love

Jun Ziwen was none other than Ye Xiuwen whom everybody thought had perished. He had spent well over four thousand days and nights within the Death’s Gorge, and there was not a single moment when he did not long to breach the artificial barrier formed by spirit and demonic beasts so that he could return to the surface.

Even his master from within the Death’s Gorge had warned him time and again that he was far too reckless and daring.

But only Ye Xiuwen knew the real reason why he was willing to go so far – it was the worry and the concern on his heart.

After twelve full years, he finally eked out a painstaking victory against the throngs of spirit and demonic beasts within the Death’s Gorge and found his way back to the surface. When he finally achieved all that, he felt as though he had just been reborn.

His master thought to call upon some of the old friends of his, and they thus bade each other farewell at the precipice of the Death’s Gorge. Ye Xiuwen made haste and sped towards the direction of the Dawn Sect, hoping to return to the Heavenly Peak in the shortest time possible so that he could reunite with the ones whom he cared about. In the end, he heard rumours along the way that the Heavenly Peak had been annihilated.

To Ye Xiuwen, such news was like a bolt of lightning from the blue.

Along the way, Ye Xiuwen began to hear more and more about the Heavenly Peak. These pieces of news were purely hearsay, and it was evident that these stories had evolved as they were passed...

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