Chapter 260: Mysterious Man in Civilian Clothes

The man in civilian clothes continued to walk along the bustling street with a steady pace. Even though he donned a veiled conical hat, his lanky and upright posture coupled with his otherworldly aura caused many to pause in their steps and do a double-take at him.

Everyone was curious how this man looked underneath the veiled conical hat of his.

Just then, a disturbance appeared on the road ahead. As though something scary were taking place, people began to scream and shout and scatter about in panic.

If one listened closely, they could pick up traces of cries along the lines of, “Monster…help…save me…” and so on.

The man in civilian clothes continued to walk forward in complete juxtaposition with the world of chaos that ensued in the direction of where he was headed – one was a realm that was in a complete mess, filled with panic and fear; while the other was a man who remained still, steadfast and immutable as time.

The most incredulous thing was that no matter where the crowd scattered and ran, nobody collided into the man in civilian clothes at all.

It was as though there was an invisible force protecting and sequestering this man from the others around him.

However, as soon as the source of the chaos arrived, it stopped before this man.

“Shove off!” A rotten voice resounded, echoing in the ears of all who were around. If any cultivators were around right now, they would immediately be able to tell that the voice had been imbued with spiritual energy to give rise to such an effect.

The man in civilian clothes looked up, and the veiled conical hat on his head swayed slightly. In the next moment, a massive beast that was as tall as the height of five persons combined bellowed as it landed in front of the man. A young lady...

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