Chapter 259: The Proving Grounds’ New Master

The despondence in Jun Xiaomo’s heart was but for a fleeting moment. Her survival instincts immediately kicked in and took precedence, and Jun Xiaomo swiftly retrieved her whip from her Interspatial Ring and furiously lashed towards the spirit beast that was lunging towards her, striking it straight on in its eyes.

If she had struck any other place, it might not have achieved any effects whatsoever. Fortunately, its eyes were the weakest points of its body. The spirit beast cried out in pain, while Jun Xiaomo quickly dodged to the side, swiftly avoiding the spirit beast’s furious swipe at her.

Jun Xiaomo hurriedly sieved through the contents of her Interspatial Ring, hoping that she would be able to find a suitable talisman to use in the circumstances. In the next moment, she suddenly recalled that most of her remaining offensive talismans had been completely depleted and used up in the earlier tussle with Princess Linglong. Her Interspatial Ring could only be described as “an empty storehouse” right now.

When it rains, it pours. Jun Xiaomo was practically in tears right now.

Yet she chose to grit her teeth and fight on. Jun Xiaomo raised her whip in front of her and stared straight back at the spirit beast that had lost one eye by now.

As long as there was even one strand of hope remaining, she would never give up. It would be too aggrieving if she died just like that.

Having lost one eye, the spirit beast rage only caused it to increase the intensity of its attacks. Together with its overbearing aura, it lunged at Jun Xiaomo once again as it roared with such fury that the surroundings trembled.

Faced with the massive stature of the spirit beast that was attacking her, Jun Xiaomo looked almost like a frail little sprout that could be snapped in half at any time.

Just then, a bright blue light flickered past in front of her eyes. Just as she thought that her...

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