Chapter 258: Tong Ruizhen, The Master Who Trips His Own Disciple

Artefacts such as the Epoch Stone were practically existences that were rarer than supreme grade spirit stones. Generally speaking, Epoch Stones would only appear when Grand Arcane Realms appeared. The Epoch Stones could best be put to use when they were inlaid in the heart of any formation arrays. These stones would enable its user to control the element of time. If they were put to good use, it could even reverse time for a person and bring a person back to life.

It was evident what kind of heaven-defying existence the Epoch Stone was.

That said, the Epoch Stone was no more than a myth to most people. After all, it was nigh impossible to lay hands on an Epoch Stone. In the first place, the appearance of Arcane Realms was entirely up to chance and fate in terms of both time and location, and one would have to be fortunate enough to stumble upon such an incredible opportunity. Then, to make matters worse, the Epoch Stone looked extremely ordinary in its appearance – in fact, Jun Xiaomo had serendipitously stumbled upon several drawings and paintings of Epoch Stones, yet…

She was absolutely unable to distinguish an Epoch Stone from any other ordinary stone or pebble on the ground.

With hardly any distinguishing factors, how was a person to go about looking for an Epoch Stone to begin with?

Naturally, there were several people who had managed to chance upon and obtain the Epoch Stone. However, historical texts recorded that each of these owners of Epoch Stones had invariably met with a tragic outcome simply because the number of people who were willing to do anything to get their hands on the Epoch Stones were innumerable, and bloodbaths generally ensued shortly after the appearance of an Epoch Stone.

In her previous...

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