Chapter 257: To the Proving Grounds

Jun Xiaomo had heard about the Proving Grounds in her previous life.

The Proving Grounds did not refer to a specific place in the cultivation world. Rather, it was something that was established by certain large sects or clans so that their own disciples could hone and develop their own skills through trials. Generally speaking, only the Sect’s core disciples would be granted access to these places. In her previous life, even though Jun Xiaomo had managed to gain entry to the Limitless Sect as Qin Lingyu’s fiancée, she never possessed the requisite qualities to gain access to the Limitless Sect’s Proving Grounds. Thus, to Jun Xiaomo, the Proving Grounds was something that she had only conceptually heard about, but it was not something that she had personally experienced.

Who would have thought that she would be given the opportunity to enter the Proving Grounds in this life, and so early at that?

That said, there was one thing that left Jun Xiaomo rather perplexed. Since their intention was to hide from the prying eyes of her pursuers, why would Tong Ruizhen send her to the Proving Grounds? Wouldn’t the Zephyr Sect’s Sect Leader, Sect Elders and Peakmasters also know about this place? Would she truly be able to hide from all of them?

But she very soon got her answer to all these questions.

“Do you see the valley in that mountain range? That’s the location of the Proving Grounds.” Tong Ruizhen stood at the edge of a mountain’s precipice as he pointed out the verdant...

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