Chapter 256: Tong Ruizhen’s Resolve

Jun Xiaomo squinted as she looked at the panicking maidservant, and then she curled her lips into a smile as she suggested, “Did you fail to notice how long you took, or are you in fact simply unable to tell us? I didn’t require an accurate timing after all. I’m sure you should be able to give us an estimation, aren’t you?”

“I…I…” As Princess Linglong’s maidservant, she was already used to people giving her some latitude in her actions or a benefit of the doubt. She had never faced someone as overbearing as Jun Xiaomo. Now that Jun Xiaomo pressed the issue and bore down on her with relentless interrogations, the maidservant became completely flustered.

“Enough, Jun Xiaomo! What are you trying to say?” Princess Linglong gritted her teeth and barked at Jun Xiaomo as she glared at her maidservant for not being able to stand up for herself.

“What I’m trying to say is that the maidservant would most certainly need some time if she were to run back to the palace to personally inform princess highness, before escorting you back again, right? Since that’s the case, why didn’t she use a Messenger Paper Crane instead? Or is she simply saying that she thinks she can move quicker than a Messenger Paper Crane, hmm?”

“I…it just slipped my mind. That’s right, it slipped my mind!” The maidservant thought that she had finally found a decent excuse, and she immediately grabbed hold of it and retorted.

“Oh, you’ve forgotten, huh.” Jun Xiaomo nodded her head, before slowly responding, “Since that’s the case, could you tell us what you’re doing appearing around the pavilion to begin with? I’ve been here every day for more than a couple of days now, and I know that few disciples would pass by the pavilion, much less stop at the pavilion as a result of its location. Therefore, I’m quite curious as to the...

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