Chapter 255: Tragedy Befalls the Maidservant, Xiao-Er

No one knew the truth of the matter clearer than Zou Zilong and Jun Xiaomo. That said, this was not the first time that Princess Linglong had caught others red-handed. There were times when the female cultivator had indeed made advances towards Zou Zilong, while there were times when Princess Linglong had simply been oversensitive. The only thing that remained constant whenever Princess Linglong caught a female cultivator “red-handed” was the fact that these female cultivators would invariably meet with a tragic end.

Zou Zilong had thought that this incident would end up the same as any other incident in the past, when he would end up witnessing Princess Linglong beating Jun Xiaomo to her death as he felt a slight tinge of remorse in his heart. That said, how could he have known that Jun Xiaomo’s master, Tong Ruizhen, would be so protective of her?

More importantly, Zou Zilong had never expected Jun Xiaomo to directly draw flak to him.

As soon as Jun Xiaomo directed her contemptuous allegations at him, Zou Zilong felt a huge lump swell up in his throat, and his facial expressions contorted and stiffened.

That said, this was but for a fleeting moment. As a man with ambitions no less than Qin Lingyu, his aptitude with pretenses was akin to that which Qin Lingyu possessed. In the blink of an eye, he adjusted his expressions and appeared normal once again. If not for the fact that...

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