Chapter 254: I’ve Got a Backer – Master’s Behind Me!

Several persons’ faces turned downcast as soon as they saw Tong Ruizhen’s arrival at the scene, especially the Third Elder. Faced with Tong Ruizhen’s infuriated gaze, the Third Elder completely lost his imposing aura and a trace of sheepishness and embarrassment flickered across the depths of his eyes.

Tong Ruizhen’s protective attitude towards his disciple was something that was well-known throughout the Sect. Quite apart from the fact that this entire incident had been a huge fuss unilaterally caused by Princess Linglong’s unruly behaviour, Tong Ruizhen would most certainly protect Jun Xiaomo to the very end, even if she had been the one in the wrong.

This was why the Third Elder hesitated and considered whether to persuade the princess to let Jun Xiaomo off when he heard that Jun Xiaomo was Tong Ruizhen’s new disciple.

In terms of personal abilities, there was no reason for the Third Elder to be afraid of Tong Ruizhen. That said, Tong Ruizhen held the key to innumerable formation arrays within the Sect. If he offended Tong Ruizhen, all Tong Ruizhen needed to do was to make some small alterations to these formation arrays, and there was no doubt that he would end up suffering at Tong Ruizhen’s hands.

In fact, suffering at Tong Ruizhen’s hands was the least of his concerns right now. The worst that could happen would be to have his own actions catalyze Tong Ruizhen’s support for the opposing Peak’s facti...

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