Chapter 253: Sect Elder Tong Has Finally Arrived!

Yue Linglong had never expected Jun Xiaomo to be able to slip out from right under her nose at this point in time. She had earlier sent her whiplash straight to Jun Xiaomo’s face with the hope of disfiguring her. However, an intense blue light had burst out from nowhere, obstructing her view and causing her to miss. Not only that, the blue light had even provided Jun Xiaomo with the prime opportunity to shake off her restraints and make her escape.

“What are you guys waiting for?! Chase after her! Bunch of useless idiots – you can’t even hold down a person who’s on the brink of death!” Yue Linglong barked anxiously. Her fiery glare of indignation burgeoned, as though she were ready to consume her bodyguards within the very next moment.

Where was Yue Linglong’s dignified, royal disposition now? At this point in time, she was no better than an enraged lioness that was ventilating its frustration on anything in sight.

The bodyguards had never expected Jun Xiaomo to be able to make her escape either. At Yue Linglong’s orders, all of them instantly gave chase and rushed after Jun Xiaomo.

As Jun Xiaomo ran, she swiftly retrieved and consumed another recovery pill from her Interspatial Ring. Under the confluence of the three recovery pills she had taken so far, she gradually began to feel better, and the muddle-headedness accompanying the pain and blood loss from her injuries also dwindled substantially.

When it came to escaping from pursuers after her life, Jun Xiaomo was practically second to none. After all, she had spent several hundred years escaping in her previous life. Even if there was just a tiny shred of opportunity to make her escape, Jun Xiaomo...

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