Chapter 252: Princess Linglong’s Malevolence

Jun Xiaomo discovered that she seemed to be fated to live a life of hardship. It was as though all forms of troubles and difficult situations would follow her and haunt her incessantly wherever she went.

“Cough…cough…” Jun Xiaomo coughed twice and hacked, and a dribble of blood crept out of the corner of her lips once more.

Princess Linglong did not hold anything back when she slapped Jun Xiaomo earlier. Jun Xiaomo found herself instantly dazed by the strike, as though her mind was rattled about. Her face had even begun to turn slightly red and swollen.

Having seen the fruits of her own efforts, Princess Linglong’s heart began to feel much better. She despised the female cultivators who attempted to seduce Zou Zilong based on their good looks. Since they prided themselves in their looks so much, she would do all she could to take away the only advantage that they held over others!

Yue Linglong grabbed Jun Xiaomo by her hair and forced her to lift her head again. In fact, she did it with such force that Jun Xiaomo’s neck had begun to look up at an odd angle.

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes were hazy. The image of Princess Linglong standing before her was somewhat blurry. The only thing that she could most clearly make out was the twisted and malevolent expression on her face right now.

As the ringing in her ears gradually subsided, the first thing that Jun Xiaomo heard was Princess Linglong’s threats.

“Jun Xiaomo, heed this highness’s advice – you should admit that you’ve seduced brother Zou and apologize to me. Otherwise, this highness isn’t going to let you off, even on...

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