Chapter 251: Jun Xiaomo Suffers from Yue Linglong’s Wrath

Princess Linglong’s maidservant ran up to her clumsily as she reported that the new Zephyr Sect disciple was currently seducing her fiancé by the lotus pond. At that time, Yue Linglong hardly believed her servant at all. She had seen Jun Xiaomo before. As the princess of an entire kingdom, she had spent her formative years in the palace where internal strife, schemes and ploys abounded. No matter how well-loved she was, her ability to discern the people around her was still fairly decent.

Even though she disliked Jun Xiaomo’s sharp tongue and harsh words, she assessed that Jun Xiaomo was not a person who enjoyed being a third wheel and getting between people.

That said, Yue Linglong knew that it was not wise to judge a book by its covers. Thus, she still ended up following her little maidservant just to ascertain that her earlier judgment had been right.

As soon as she got to the lotus pond, she immediately noticed two people locked in an embrace at the pavilion. Her initial assessment of Jun Xiaomo immediately went up in smokes, and all that was left was a single label – Vixen!

“What in the world are you doing?!”

Zou Zilong reacted immediately when he heard Yue Linglong’s bellow. His spirits tensed up, and he immediately pushed Jun Xiaomo away forcefully.

Jun Xiaomo was still struggling to free herself from his embrace earlier. Now that Zou Zilong pushed her, her back slammed into the...

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