Chapter 250: Someone More Shameless Than Qin Lingyu

Two more weeks passed in the blink of an eye. Over the last two weeks, Jun Xiaomo had slowly adjusted herself to life in her new Sect.

Truth be told, Jun Xiaomo found that there was hardly any difference between her life in the Zephyr Sect and her life in the Dawn Sect. She had always enjoyed quietness and solitude to begin with. Furthermore, given the Heavenly Peak’s current predicament where they were surrounded by enemies on all four sides, Jun Xiaomo sincerely wished there was more than twenty-four hours in a day. Apart from practicing her cultivation each day, she spent almost every other part of her waking hours studying the thick manuscripts that Tong Ruizhen had handed over to her.

Tong Ruizhen was incredibly pleased with his disciple’s diligence, yet he never failed to remind her to do all things in moderation.

Jun Xiaomo would smile back at him but remain taciturn in tacit agreement. That said, she continued to devote most of her time to learning and her cultivation.

Tong Ruizhen was among the best in the spiritual world in terms of his proficiency with his formation arrays and talismans. There were enough people seeking to be his disciple that if they lined up in a long line, that line would be able to surround the entire Inferno Kingdom three full times. Despite all that, Tong Ruizhen’s requirements for accepting one as his disciple was incredibly high. Including Jun Xiaomo, he had only taken five personal disciples to date. Furthermore, the personal disciples prior to Jun Xiaomo had already graduated with a certain level of proficiency, and most of them had already left the Sect to make a name for themselves in the rest of the world....

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