Chapter 249: Zephyr Sect’s Complex Relationships Built on Benefits

After Zou Zilong and Princess Linglong departed, Zhuang Lenghui continued to act like a concerned and caring martial sister as she chatted with Jun Xiaomo for a little while more. In order to prevent courting trouble in the very moment she stepped into the Sect, Jun Xiaomo endured the ordeal with extreme patience as she feigned civility with the poisonous snake that was Zhuang Lenghui.

Fortunately, the torment didn’t last too long. With the aid of the Transmittance Talisman, Tong Ruizhen managed to locate Jun Xiaomo’s whereabouts in no time.

“Sigh, that’s where you are, disciple. Your master has been looking all over for you.” Tong Ruizhen was riding his Heavenly Crane as he slowly descended towards Jun Xiaomo.

Jun Xiaomo was slightly taken aback. She had never expected Tong Ruizhen to be riding the Heavenly Crane within the Sect’s grounds. At the very least, back at the Dawn Sect, there were regulations restricting the use of mounts within the Sect’s grounds. This was to prevent chaos from breaking out all over the place.

“Disciple Zhuang Lenghui greets Sect Elder Tong.” Zhuang Lenghui bowed courteously to Tong Ruizhen. The earlier air of haughtiness and pride around her had completely vanished into thin air.

Jun Xiaomo smacked her lips. Tong Ruizhen may be a Sect Elder of the Zephyr Sect, but was there really a need for a First Sect Disciple of a Peakmaster to stoop so low?

It’s so…contrived. But, why? Could Tong Ruizhen’s identity be that much higher than the Peakmaster of the Phoenixia Peak?

Jun Xiaomo began to find that her newly-minted master was becoming more and more curious and mysterious as time went by.

Tong Ruizhen swept a fleeting glance at Zhuang Lenghui, before responding dispassionately, “Oh, so it’s you, little Zhuang. Were you looking after Xiaomo earlier? Sorry to trouble you there.”

“It’s no trouble at all. Looking after a younger...

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