Chapter 248: Despotic Princess Linglong

Just as Zhuang Lenghui was sizing up Jun Xiaomo, Jun Xiaomo was also silently observing this lady standing before her.

To Jun Xiaomo, Zhuang Lenghui was someone that she barely knew. She neither knew why Zhuang Lenghui had approach her today, nor where her hostility towards her had come from.

Under such conditions where Zhuang Lenghui’s motives were all hidden in the dark, Jun Xiaomo knew that she could only do her best to observe her closely and attempt to uncover her hidden intentions from what little clues she could unveil.

Jun Xiaomo focused particularly on the eyes. She had always believed that a person could feign his expressions and practice to perfection the lies he told. However, the one thing that was far more difficult to conceal was the emotions and thoughts revealed in the depths of a person’s eyes. If a person harboured ill intentions, he would rarely be able to present himself with a dignified and upstanding pair of eyes.

At this moment, Jun Xiaomo had already discovered that Zhuang Lenghui possessed ulterior motives in her approach towards Jun Xiaomo.

As Zhuang Lenghui’s thoughts churned, she continued to address Jun Xiaomo with a warm and harmonious voice, “Since martial sister Xiaomo has just arrived in town, why don’t I show you around the Zephyr Sect and help you get familiarized with its surroundings? What do you say?”

Nothing to say. Jun Xiaomo murmured in her heart. She hated these people whose thoughts and actions were complete polar opposites....

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