Chapter 247: New Sect, New Enemies

The master-disciple duo, Jun Xiaomo and Tong Ruizhen, traveled for three full days and nights before they finally arrived at the Zephyr Sect’s grounds. The other sect elders from the Zephyr Sect had used Teleportation Scrolls to make their way back, and they had already found their way back to the Zephyr Sect a long time ago. Overnight, the news of the Fifth Elder Tong Ruizhen accepting a disciple at only the sixth level of Qi Mastery had spread like wildfire throughout the Sect.

Everyone was curious as so what kind of person his disciple must be like to have received such favour from the Fifth Elder. After all, the Fifth Elder was even willing to make an exception and accept a disciple that was not even in the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation!

In the midst of all the chaos and excitement and spreading of rumours, the Heavenly Crane that Jun Xiaomo was riding upon finally descended from the sky. The first sight that Jun Xiaomo saw was a lush and verdant field atop a Peak that was enshrouded with a thick layer of spiritual energy.

In fact, they could have arrived way earlier at the Zephyr Sect. Regrettably, Tong Ruizhen’s curiosity got the better of him. Whenever he noticed something peculiar or interesting, he would instruct his Heavenly Crane to land so that he could take a closer look. Whenever he noticed something that looked delicious or fun, he would...

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