Chapter 246: The Mystic Woods, A Fortuitous Gain

Even though Jun Xiaomo has already had several hundred years of life experience under her belt, she hardly had any experience of flying through the sky like she was right now. After all, where would a person on the run have the time and the heart to enjoy a leisurely flight through the air like that? In order to successfully throw off her enemies who were on her trail, Jun Xiaomo had always used a Teleportation Scroll whenever she moved about.

Besides, there were only three ways in which a cultivator could fly through the air for long periods of time at one go – the first was if they possessed a wind-based spiritual root; the second was if they were able to ride on their treasure swords; while the third was to possess a flying mount or spirit tool that enabled flight. Jun Xiaomo possessed none of the three in her previous life, and she naturally was unable to fly freely in the sky in her previous life.

Right now, she was riding on the mount of her newly-minted master. As the winds rushed past her hair and the meandering rivers flowed slowly below her, the frustrations and burdens weighing heavily on Jun Xiaomo’s heart also dwindled substantially. A refreshing sensation washed through her heart.

No matter what the future beheld, Jun Xiaomo had thoroughly let herself loose from the shackles of her burdens at this very moment.

Naturally, all of this was only possible if she ignored the person yapping beside her, her loquacious,...

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