Chapter 245: Departure from the Dawn Sect, Onwards to the Zephyr Sect

Since Xiaomo was not willing to divulge any more that what had already been said, the Heavenly Peak disciples were content to drop their line of questioning as well. After all, everyone had some secrets within their hearts that they were not willing to disclose to anyone, and Jun Xiaomo’s faint smile had told them everything that they needed to know.

It was night, and the lands were still and silent. Jun Xiaomo sat at her table, and her surroundings illuminated by a Nightgleam Pearl. She circulated the true energy within her body and sent it towards her hand, and she muttered the mnemonic for transforming true energy into spiritual energy as she continued to draw up fresh talismans on her table.

Each stroke, each brush and each dot had to be drawn up perfectly with no mistakes in an unhurried and orderly manner. The preparation of talismans required an incredible amount of patience and focus. Otherwise, a simple mistake meant that the talisman’s prowess would take a huge discount, or potentially even be rendered completely useless.

Another dot, and one last stroke. Jun Xiaomo finally finished the last step for this talisman.

She set her brush down and heaved a sigh of relief.

In just three days’ time, she would be leaving the Dawn Sect for the Zephyr Sect with the Fifth Elder, Tong Ruizhen. Right now, she wanted to make the best use of time to prepare a few more talismans just to err on the side of caution. These were not meant for herself, but the members of the Heavenly Peak, especially the youngest and most naïve cultivator, Wei Gaolang. In Jun Xiaomo’s eyes, her little martial brother was the person that worried her the most.


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