Chapter 244: Formally Becoming A Zephyr Sect Disciple

The Greater Sects had visited the Dawn Sect today with the goal of earmarking their Chosen Disciples, not to formally receive new disciples.

Even though the terms “formal disciple” and “Chosen Disciple” comprised nothing more than a one-word difference between the two, their meanings were vastly different. Becoming a Chosen Disciple of a Greater Sect meant that one had earned themselves the right to enter that corresponding Greater Sect. It was no different from Chen Feiyu’s present position, or that which Ye Xiuwen had earlier been in.

If they were unable to breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation by the time they reached the age of thirty-five, they would automatically lose their right to enter these Greater Sects. Generally speaking, Greater Sects would never accept a disciple to attain the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation before the age of thirty-five.

In this regard, until one formally becomes a disciple of the Greater Sect, they would not be able to call the respective sect elders a “master”, notwithstanding their stature as a Chosen Disciple. Thus, the fact that Jun Xiaomo had addressed Tong Ruizhen as “master” was evidently a glaring error and mistake on her part.

That said, Rong Ruizhen did not mind this at all. Everyone could hear that there was joy and heartiness in his laughter, and it was completely devoid of any traces of indignation or disdain.

What did this mean? This meant that Tong Ruizhen had tacitly approved of her “error”.


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