Chapter 243: Another Master Already?!

The fact that the Dawn Sect disciples were unable to recognize the Fifth Elder of the Zephyr Sect, Tong Ruizhen, did not mean that He Zhang was equally unable to recognize him.

The truth of the matter was that as soon as he heard Tong Ruizhen cry out “You old fogey, are you snatching my disciple again”, He Zhang’s heart immediately sank, and a bad premonition crept into the forefront of his mind.

He was anxious to determine if his bad premonition was merely an illusion, but he knew that he could not make things too obvious either. Thus, he could only suppress the sense of unease in his heart as he stood up and walked forward with a stiff smile plastered all over his face as he welcomed Tong Ruizhen, “Sect Elder Tong, I was just wondering why I hadn’t seen you today yet. I’d never expected you to be waiting to make a grand appearance like this, hahahaha…”

Tong Ruizhen snorted with a resonant humph as he responded, “Alright, Sect Elder He, save your pleasantries. I, Tong Ruizhen, hate bootlickers the most.”

He Zhang felt incredibly suffocated and stiffened by Tong Ruizhen’s words, and he found his pretentious laughter choked in his throat. In the end, his hearty laughter dwindled to nothing more than a dry chuckle, before they vanished from his lips. By this time, his face had also turned a sickly green and a pale white. It was simply a sight to behold.


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