Chapter 242: Boxed-In, An Unexpected Twist

Yu Wanrou had firmly believed that Jun Xiaomo had only come to the Discussion Hall in a rush because she had received her own forged letter. She was completely unaware that Jun Xiaomo had by now already torn apart the farce that was her letter, much less know of the contents of the letter that Jun Linxuan had sent to Jun Xiaomo.

After Qin Lingyu’s change of master ceremony, the agenda for the day entered its second phase – earmarking their Chosen Disciples.

Those who had earned themselves seats within the Discussion Hall were undoubtedly the ones who had the greatest prospects of becoming earmarked as Chosen Disciples. That said, whether they could eventually become earmarked as Chosen Disciples was very much something left up to their luck and fortune.

In turn, this “luck” was completely dependent on whether any of these disciples caught the eye of the sect elders from the Greater Sects. Some sect elders prioritized talent, some fixated themselves with personality, and there were yet some other sect elders that looked at the disciples’ comprehension and understanding.

The truth of the matter was that it was an incredibly rare and glorious matter to be earmarked as a Chosen Disciple. On the last instance of such a visit, the only disciples who had been earmarked as Chosen Disciples numbered only two – Qin Lingyu and Ye Xiuwen.

Thus, the disciples who had their names called out by He Zhang would make their way to the front of the Discussion Hall with eager anticipation and be asked a few questions by the sect elders. Then, they would display some of their own abilities. Finally, they would then return back to their seats with their heads hung low.

All of them had been rejected by the sect elders from the Greater Sects. Even though the performance of these disciples during the course of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competitions had been decent, their abilities were nevertheless a far cry from...

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