Chapter 241: Yu Wanrou’s Limelight

Logically speaking, Jun Xiaomo should never have been given the right to enter the Discussion Hall to begin with. Given the extent of her present abilities, she should have been relegated to the standing spaces outside of the Discussion Hall just like some of the other Dawn Sect disciples whose cultivation levels were on the lower side. There, she could anticipate the arrival of the sect elders from the Greater Sects and hope to catch a glimpse of the glory of these profound experts.

Yet it was precisely because of this that when Jun Xiaomo made her grand appearance at the entrance of the Discussion Hall, the audience began to stir and whisper among themselves.

“What’s Jun Xiaomo doing here? Is this really someplace she should be?”

“Isn’t that so? And she’s even arrived tardily. How embarrassing!”

“Her father’s a great, big Peakmaster. That’s the only reason why she thinks she can do anything she wants.” Another quipped with sourness in his voice.

“That’s true. We can only blame ourselves for not having been born with a silver spoon in our mouths.”

“Hey, do you think that Jun Xiaomo’s doing this only to leave a deep impression in the hearts of these sect elders?”

“There’s that possibility too. Given her current cultivation level, she might even be too weak to be making tea for the distinguished sect elders here. Perhaps she’s thinking of taking an unconventional gambit and using different means to draw the interest of these sect elders.”

“Hah, if that’s the case, then she might just have achieved what she’s set out to do. I wonder if the sect elders...

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