Chapter 240: Jun Xiaomo’s Late Arrival

In the blink of an eye, Yu Wanrou forged a letter from the Sect and sent it to Jun Xiaomo by way of a Messenger Paper Crane.

As she watched the Messenger Paper Crane vanish from view, a discreet smile crept up the corner of Yu Wanrou’s lips, before she began to make her way slowly over towards the Discussion Hall.

Qin Lingyu had already apprised He Zhang as well as the Limitless Sect of Yu Wanrou’s identity and capacity – Yu Wanrou was going to enter the Limitless Sect together with Qin Lingyu. He Zhang and the Limitless Sect had also similarly responded with their approval.

It was precisely because of this that Yu Wanrou had the right to enter the Discussion Hall today and sit with the Dawn Sect’s Peakmasters and Sect Elders, together with the disciples that they had picked out as they waited for the arrival of the guests from the Greater Sects.

The right to enter the Discussion Hall also represented the right to enter a Greater Sect. Those who did not possess such rights but still wished to observe the proceedings would have no choice but to stand and wait outside the Discussion Hall.

Naturally, the Discussion Hall was an open area, and those standing outside were still able to observe the proceedings on the inside.

Qin Shanshan gritted her teeth as she looked with a gaze filled with admiration at Yu Wanrou’s back as Yu Wanrou stepped into the Discussion Hall without turning back once.

You’re only riding on brother’s coattails! Qin Shanshan decried with a heart filled with bitter astringency. In fact, she even viciously cursed that one day...

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