Chapter 239: New Sister-in-Law and Old Sister-in-Law

The members of the Dawn Sect discovered that there were new developments between Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu overnight. Previously, everyone could tell that their relationship had become incredibly strained and even icy cold after a night of passion. It was practically at the point where they had washed their hands off each other.

As a result, several people had begun to label Qin Lingyu as a scumbag who refused to take responsibility after the matter.

Naturally, there were some others who delighted in their misery and kicked back as they watched the show. These people believed that Qin Lingyu could do better than Yu Wanrou, and they thus felt that it stood to reason that Qin Lingyu had abandoned her.

Regardless, nobody expected the relationship between Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou to have recovered overnight just like that.

In fact, their relationship seemed to flourish and blossom even more than it did before. The two of them were now practically like Siamese twins as they went everywhere together. Yu Wanrou would even tightly wrap her arms around Qin Lingyu’s in an intimate fashion with a soft and blissful smile on her face that yelled “we’re together”.

Their public display of affection dazzled the eyes of all the disciples within the Dawn Sect, and they also shattered the hearts of many hopefuls who were fond of either of the two.

“Martial sister, how can you not be angry! Qin Lingyu had only rescinded the marriage arrangement with you just over one month ago! Just over one month and he’s already hooked up with Yu Wanrou, and they’ve even been intimately involved with each...

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