Chapter 238: Yu Wanrou’s Desires Fulfilled

Qin Lingyu had called upon Yu Wanrou in the middle of the night under the cover of an Invisibility Talisman. It was only when Yu Wanrou opened the door to her room that he finally removed the Invisibility Talisman on her body.

“You…how come it’s you?” Yu Wanrou’s face stiffened up slightly, and the smile that was originally on her face subsided quickly.

“What’s the matter? Not willing to see me now? That’s to be expected. You’ve ‘received’ several people here over the last few days, huh? People come and go unceasingly. You must be a busy person, aren’t you?” Qin Lingyu responded contemptuously.

Qin Lingyu had laced the word “received” with so much contempt that it was evident he was implying that Yu Wanrou had invited several men for some behind-the-scenes action.

Yu Wanrou’s heart of solitude was immediately replaced by that of a burgeoning fire, and her eyes flickered brightly as she glared back at Qin Lingyu, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Hah!” Qin Lingyu took one step forward and grabbed Yu Wanrou around the waist and forcefully lifted her chin. Yu Wanrou drew a deep breath, and her eyes were momentarily filled with melancholy and a plaintive look.

Qin Lingyu had not caused Yu Wanrou any pain. However, she knew that this was one of the ways in which she could incite the sympathy of a man’s heart.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes. It was clear that Yu Wanrou was in...

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