Chapter 237: He Finds it Lacking

Ever since the day he argued with Yu Wanrou, Qin Lingyu gradually began to realize that there was something amiss with his body.

He had initially thought that that incident marked the end of his relationship with the tasteless, worthless lady Yu Wanrou, and he would then be able to focus wholeheartedly on his preparations to smoothen his transition to the Limitless Sect. Unexpectedly, every time night fell and darkness enshrouded the lands, he would subconsciously begin to think about the ecstasy and rapture that he experienced with that night and day of passion with Yu Wanrou.

Something’s amiss. Something’s truly amiss. This was not the first time that they had experienced a night of passion together. That said, his previous experiences with her had never given rise to such longing for more on his part.

Was this the aftereffects of the drugs that Yu Wanrou had used, or did this feeling of longing simply arise because he had developed feelings for her?

Qin Lingyu’s eyes darkened. Thus, he decided to think of a way to test his theories.

Today, after reporting to He Zhang, he left the Dawn Sect and headed straight into a small city belonging to the mortal world a few hundred miles away from the Dawn Sect.

The female cultivators within the cultivation world all possessed a sense of pride and self-worth, and they would rarely use their own bodies as a bargaining chip for any form of transaction....

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