Chapter 236: Zephyr Sect Fifth Elder’s Olive Branch

As expected, just after having breakfast, Qin Lingyu spoke to Yu Wanrou with a low, soft voice, “Follow me.” Then, he grabbed her wrist tightly and dragged her to a quiet and secluded location. Once he plastered some Noise-Cancelling Talismans in the surroundings, he could no longer suppress the outburst from his heart and he glared at Yu Wanrou viciously, “What in the world did you do to me yesterday?!”

Even though Yu Wanrou had a thousand and one schemes in her heart, she knew that she should never reveal these things on her face.

Her face turned pale with shock as she hurriedly grabbed onto Qin Lingyu’s sleeves, “Lingyu, believe me, I really didn’t do anything to you…”

Qin Lingyu snorted as he wrested his sleeves free from Yu Wanrou’s grasp, “You didn’t do anything? Do you take me for a fool?! With my self-control, why would I possibly resort to such behaviour that paints me in a lascivious light to the public in broad daylight?! If you want me to bed you, you just have to say it. Why do you have to resort to these little actions behind my back and turn me into the greatest laughingstock of the entire Sect?!”

Qin Lingyu had said the word “bed” with such humiliating intent that Yu Wanrou’s heart felt like it had been punctured deep with an awl. Her heart had just been shattered into pieces.

She was truly fond of Qin Lingyu. Even though the display of her affection was aided by the implementation of some schemes, she could never deny the fact that she liked Qin Lingyu.

That said, Qin Lingyu had casually tossed around the word “bed” just like that....

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