Chapter 234: Qin Lingyu Swallows the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill

Yu Wanrou was a disciple of the Pill Cauldron Peak. It had to be said that the Peakmaster of the Pill Cauldron Peak was nominated based on his proficiency with refining medicinal pills, and not based on his cultivation level and combat prowess. That said, despite having been part of the Pill Cauldron Peak for most of her life, Yu Wanrou had never wholeheartedly delved into the discipline of refining pills. This was because refining pills entailed an arduous and complicated process. In order to refine a single pill, some pillmasters would remain in their room for days, or months, or even years on end.

Yu Wanrou did not have that kind of patience. Her goal was simply to use the objects gifted to her within her spectral demiplane to seduce men and through that obtain anything else she desired.

Thus, the years of her dilatory attitude towards the pill refinement process meant that Yu Wanrou had spent several nights attempting to refine the most basic of Mesmerizing Blossom Pills to no avail. All that she gained over the past few nights were an ashen face and a lack of sleep.

“Damn it. If not for the fact that I can’t buy these things off the market, why would I need to put in so much effort to refine it myself!” Yu Wanrou muttered to herself in frustration. She suddenly had the urge to mash up the constituent ingredients of the pill and mix them directly into Qin Lingyu’s food just to save herself the trouble.

“I’ll try it one last time. If it still doesn’t work, then forget...

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