Chapter 233: Restless Night, Jun Xiaomo’s Promise

Approximately one month had passed since the end of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition. Over the last month, the sects that had participated in the competitions had gradually begun to make their way back to their respective sects’ grounds. The Dawn Sect did so as well.

The Dawn Sect had been the greatest winners in this iteration of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition. They had claimed the titles of champions of the Lower Category, Middle Category and Open Category individual battles, and they had even been crowned the title of champions for the group battles. Thus, there was no doubt that the Dawn Sect stood head and shoulders above the rest of the Secondary Sects through this competition.

That said, there were few people within the Dawn Sect who were pleased by these results. The members of the Heavenly Peak had no longer considered the Dawn Sect as their home, while He Zhang and the other members of the Dawn Sect found themselves cheerless by the fact that their schemes against the Heavenly Peak had failed time and again.

In fact, the greatest victors of this iteration of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition was not the Dawn Sect, but the Heavenly Peak within the Dawn Sect. After all, the Heavenly Peak disciples were the ones who had taken the titles of champions of the Lower Category and Middle Category individual battles, as well as the title of champions...

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