Chapter 232: Yu Wanrou’s Desperate Attempt to Seize the Opportunity

Although Jun Xiaomo no longer bothered herself with Qin Lingyu anymore, she was more than pleased to add fuel to the fire between this scheming couple, Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou.

Besides, she had not intentionally set things up for their fall this time. This incident had entirely been the result of Qin Lingyu’s wandering eye and rekindling of his old flame. If she remained passive and did nothing to stem the issue where it arose, this annoying man might end up obsessing over her and hovering about her incessantly.

Now that the cuckolds had finally locked eyes with each other, Jun Xiaomo could finally slip away quietly. She chuckled softly, before walking back into the inn, leaving the two behind to sort out their mess.

Yu Wanrou glared at Jun Xiaomo’s back with rage in her eyes, as though she wanted to stare daggers through Jun Xiaomo’s body and make a sieve out of it.

Finally, when Jun Xiaomo disappeared from her sight, Yu Wanrou turned back and glared at Qin Lingyu with a castigating look in her eyes.

“Lingyu, why?!” Yu Wanrou choked with emotion as she cried out, “When have I wronged you? Why did you choose to bring Jun Xiaomo to the Limitless Sect over me? You know how much I need this opportunity!”

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes, and his lips stretched out with a grimace.

Yu Wanrou had wholeheartedly expected Qin...

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