Chapter 231: Qin Lingyu is Full of Lies

Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo walked over to a large banyan tree in the distance. From there, they were able to see the people coming and going from the inn, while the people from the inn rarely looked back over at that area. Even if people did look over, it would only be a quick glance, and nobody would pay too much attention to what was going on under the banyan tree.

This banyan tree was laced with destiny knots strewn all over it, some old and some new. The names written on these knots were still clearly visible to the eye. When the wind blew, these red coloured knots of different sizes would tango with the ebb and flow of the wind – it was an incredibly eye-catching and warm sight.

Qin Lingyu heartstrings strummed lightly at the sight. Even though it was an extremely light and fleeting twang of his heart, Qin Lingyu undoubtedly felt every split second of it.

He had never been an emotional person to begin with. In his eyes, benefits were all that mattered. That said, he did not know why the present scene aroused such an uncharacteristic response in his heart.

Qin Lingyu’s gaze shifted from the banyan tree filled with destiny knots to Jun Xiaomo’s body, and the sullen gaze in his eyes were filled with barely noticeable emotions.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo was hardly moved by the side at all. In fact, she had hoped that there would...

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