Chapter 230: Transformation of the Spectral Demiplane, Yu Wanrou’s Ambitions

It had never occurred to Yu Wanrou that the fox-shaped mark or the spectral demiplane could transform. She was unsure of what exactly the change was, but she firmly believed that any changes to her spectral demiplane would be beneficial to her. After all, the spectral demiplane was a planal space created by and for the members of the Fox Clan’s bloodline, and she could very well be one of the surviving members of the same.

The fact that she was the “last one standing” made her heart puff up with pride. The idea of being unique made her feel special.

In fact, in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, Yu Wanrou had also led an extremely smooth-sailing life before Rong Ruihan brought the wrath of vengeance upon her. At that time, she had been able to seduce whoever she wanted, as well as sabotage and frame anyone who crossed her paths. As a result of this, she ended up as a matriarch with a massive following of male cultivators who were subject to her every beck and call.

Unfortunately, she was up against Jun Xiaomo who had returned to the past right now, and her life now was vastly different from what it had been in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life.

Yu Wanrou released her divine sense and began to probe about her spectral demiplane. Very soon, her attention was enraptured by the large patches of red and green spiritual herbs growing within.

She took a closer look. There was first disbelief, before it quickly burgeoned into immense joy –

“Mesmerizing Blossoms?! Hahahaha! These are Mesmerizing Blossoms?! Hahahaha…” Yu Wanrou grew so excited that she began...

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