Chapter 228: The Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s Freedom

Jun Xiaomo had always been pretty fond of furry and fluffy little things, including things such as her little packrat and this Scarlet Heavenly Wolf.

Even though the little packrat couldn’t really be considered a pet, while the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf couldn’t really be considered small either, it did not change the fact that Jun Xiaomo’s had a soft spot for them as soon as she saw their soft, luscious fur.

After laying on the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s back for a while, Jun Xiaomo began to grow restless and bored. Thus, she got up, walked over to the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s side, and began to touch its ears and pat its head. She particularly loved the soft, tactile feeling of their smooth fur.

The Scarlet Heavenly Wolf lazily opened its eyes once more and glanced back at Jun Xiaomo. It was as though its eyes were filled with an exclamation – Silly humans.

That said, it did not have any intentions to attack Jun Xiaomo at all.

Jun Xiaomo smiled. After tousling the fur on its head for some time, she decided to lean on its head and rest there.

If anyone else noticed this, they would most certainly sigh in their hearts and exclaim that Jun Xiaomo truly had immense gall to do so. After all, the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s rows of razor-sharp teeth were just beside Jun Xiaomo, and the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf could at any time open its mouth widely and swallow up Jun Xiaomo’s petite figure in one gulp.

Jun Xiaomo was practically placing...

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