Chapter 227: Renewal of the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s Trust

The Scarlet Heavenly Wolf was by nature an incredibly vigilant and wary spirit beast. If anyone did not appear kind and harmless enough, the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf would attack that person as long as it came within a ten-meter radius of it.

In fact, there were even times when the person approaching it would still be unable to earn the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s trust even if it appeared kind and harmless enough.

Jun Xiaomo had earlier managed to obtain the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s trust under the unique conditions during the group battles. But now, things had changed. The Scarlet Heavenly Wolf was captured by the organizing committee and even restrained in this small little enclosure. This made it suddenly realize that Jun Xiaomo might very well have betrayed its trust.

At the very least, Jun Xiaomo had not kept to her end of the bargain, which was to give it its freedom. This was the reason for the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s burgeoning hatred and animosity towards Jun Xiaomo in its heart.

Thus, it was going to be an uphill task if Jun Xiaomo were to obtain its trust again. This was the reason why the chief referee had earlier advised Jun Xiaomo not to waste her efforts here earlier.

To the chief referee’s mind, there was no reason for Jun Xiaomo to put herself in harm’s way for a spirit beast that did not appear to be particularly spectacular.

That said, Jun Xiaomo could hardly care less about what...

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