Chapter 226: The Referees’ Compromise

The truth of the matter was that Jun Xiaomo was neither filled with compassion nor an idiot. To begin with, the Novenary Immortalization Manuscript was useless to her since she already possessed a better refinement technique that was far more suitable to her current circumstances. There was no good reason for her to obtain another manuscript for a refinement technique that was not suitable for her.

Furthermore, it had to be said that there were distinctions between a demonic refinement technique and a spiritual refinement technique. Since the Novenary Immortalization Manuscript was awarded to her by the panel of referees, it could not possibly be a demonic cultivation technique. Thus, this manuscript was completely useless to Jun Xiaomo.

Most importantly, she knew that there were several sects in attendance who had already set their sights on the Novenary Immortalization Manuscript. As soon as the Novenary Immortalization Manuscript was revealed for all to see, Jun Xiaomo could practically feel the avaricious and scheming stares land on her body in the very next moment. This was particularly apparent from some of the smaller sects. After all, possessing one of these legendary Heavenly Arts manuscripts was a dream to these small sects.

Jun Xiaomo did not want to be made into a public enemy as a result of this refinement technique....

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