Chapter 225: Extraordinary Performance Award

As a result of Jun Xiaomo’s outstanding showing over the course of the group battles, she was even awarded an individual accolade called the “Extraordinary Performance Award”.

This special award was a discretionary award that was not handed out in every iteration of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competitions. It would only be handed out when the chief referee nominates a participant, and such a nomination was voted upon and approved by the rest of the referees.

It had to be said that Jun Xiaomo’s performance was undeniably stellar during these competitions. Thus, when the chief referee announced that Jun Xiaomo would be awarded with the individual accolade of the Extraordinary Performance Award, none of the audience members were taken by surprise at all.

After all, how many cultivators at the sixth level of the Qi Mastery are there that could be unanimously recognized as the de facto leader of three full teams of cultivators? Furthermore, she had even led three considerably weak-looking teams to defeat a series of strong spirit beasts, demonic creatures, and even the strongest team of the group battles! In fact, she had undoubtedly been crucial in securing the Heavenly Peak disciples the title of champion over the course of these group battles.

To top it all off, Jun Xiaomo had been the one to broach the idea of group battle tactics to the Heavenly Peak disciples, and she had even displayed an incredibly proficient use of formation arrays and talismans over the course of the group battles which caused everyone’s eyes to glisten brightly with approval.

Viewed in totality, it might not be much of an exaggeration to say that within the last five hundred years, nobody had seen a young sprout with as much talent for combat. Even the last few disciples who had been awarded the Extraordinary Performance Award had not put on such a stellar showing as Jun Xiaomo had done.


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