Chapter 224: Those Who Harm Others, Harm Themselves

“This little lady’s aptitude isn’t too bad. Ah-Jie, take a look – what do you think of me accepting her as my disciple?”

This sect elder from the Zephyr Sect had been observing Jun Xiaomo during the battles for some time now, and he quipped lightheartedly to another sect elder beside him as he stroked his own beard.

The Zephyr Sect was a Greater Sect which was second to only the Limitless Sect and the Frozen Sword Sect. These three sects were the mainstay among the top three Greater Sect after every iteration of the Greater Inter-Sect Competitions. These three sects were naturally also Greater Sects that almost all disciples of the Secondary Sects dreamt of entering.

That said, the Zephyr Sect’s recruitment of disciples was extremely peculiar and arbitrary. Whilst they considered the disciples’ potential, abilities, character, and the like, none of the sect elders adhered to any fixed rules when they picked out their next chosen disciples. Thus, whether past or present, nobody had been able to figure out any common threads in how the Zephyr Sect picked out its disciples.

Right now, this sect elder named Tong Ruizhen had obviously set his sights on Jun Xiaomo and recognized her aptitude.

“Let’s keep watching. I get the feeling that she’s rather reckless to be facing this Scarlet Heavenly Wolf all alone. Whether she can survive this trial is still very much an unknown for now.” The other sect elder criticized.

“That’s true. Let’s wait and see, then. We’ll revisit this if she’s able...

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