Chapter 223: Dai Yanfeng’s Regret

If the persons lying helplessly on the floor were truly disciples from the Eternal Summit Sect, then there was no way they would be able to survive a furious swipe from the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s claws.

However, these disciples were from the Du Clan. As members of the Du Clan, and a part of the eight great sects, these disciples would naturally have several life-preserving measures hidden up their sleeves. Many of the Du Clan disciples had been resigned to yielding up their lives there and then. That said, when the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s attack landed where they were, they did not experience any pain as they had originally expected.

Hong! A massive tremor rang out. The Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s attack had sent a cloud of dust flying into the air and scattered debris all around. Some of the stones beneath its paws had even been melted down to molten rock by the intense heat on the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s paws.

The molten rocks congealed together to form a thin layer of what looked to be a ceramic glaze on the ground.

“That…they must be dead, right?”

“They have to me. How could they possibly have survived such a powerful attack?”

“That’s a pity. Those people were the cream of the crop among the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples. The Eternal Summit Sect has really sustained huge losses this time. It’s going to take them a while to recover in future.”

Everyone in the audience began to whisper to each other and discuss the plight of the Eternal Summit Sect. That said, there were several people who also treated this...

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