Chapter 222: Du Clan’s Refinement Technique Backlash

A thick, pungent scent of blood emanated from within the Du Clan’s training grounds. The Du Clan’s Third Elder clutched tightly at his chest as he gasped for breath. Then, with quivering hands, he reached into his Interspatial Ring and pulled out a Transmittance Talisman and used the last ounce of strength remaining in his body to tear apart the Transmittance Talisman.

This Transmittance Talisman was to be used only in emergency situations. Once torn, the Transmittance Talisman would automatically alert the other Du Clan members to the present situation.

The Du Clan’s Third Elder lost consciousness once he expended his last ounce of energy to tear apart the Transmittance Talisman. The menagerie within the Du Clan’s secret grounds was located just behind the Third Elder. As soon as the Third Elder lost consciousness, hundreds upon hundreds of refined spirit beasts suddenly appeared to lose control as they furiously slammed against their cages or enclosures, attempting to break free from captivity.

Each and every single one of these spirit beasts glared at the Third Elder with bloodlust in their eyes and intense killing intent toiling from their bodies, as though their deep and profound hatred could only be appeased when they tore the Third Elder’s body to shreds and devoured him.

As soon as they received the Third Elder’s alert, a Du Clan disciple rushed over in the shortest time possible and were greeted by the sight of spirit beasts furiously...

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