Chapter 221: Crippling the Refinement Technique

The Du Clan had been unable to fully refine the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf, but this did not prevent them from leaving a powerful Confusion Hex on its body. This Confusion Hex was cast by an elder of the Du Clan at the secondary-tier Void Formation stage of cultivation.[1] Before the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf attains the Void Formation stage of cultivation, the odds of it being able to shirk off the effects of this Confusion Hex was practically zero.

Under the effects of this Confusion Hex, the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf would view the Du Clan’s enemies as its greatest enemies – members of the Du Clan.

Furthermore, the fact that the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf had undergone the tormenting process of refinement three times meant that its bloodthirstiness was already at its peak, and its offensive abilities had also increased by several folds.

In other words, it would draw blood as soon as it made an appearance.

Jun Xiaomo’s appearances had already transformed under the effects of the Confusion Hex. The person that the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf hated the most was naturally the old fogey that had attempted to refine it three times, and right now, Jun Xiaomo appeared to the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf as none other than that same old fogey.

I’m going to kill that man!

An intense hatred flashed across the depths of its eyes, and the Scarlet Heavenly Wolf’s fur burgeoned once more as though it were congealing a corporeal manifestation of its killing intent. Then, within the...

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