Chapter 220: Intimidating Scarlet Heavenly Wolf

Not long after the intense wave of oppressive aura swept across Jun Xiaomo and the rest, a fiery-red figure appeared in the horizon and grew larger and larger as it slowly but surely made its way over towards them.

That figure was intensely red and eye-catching. It presented itself with such an overbearing disposition as though it were a roaring inferno that were quickly encroaching upon their location.

“Mar-…martial sister, what’s that?” Wei Gaolang stammered. He could feel that the object approaching them was something well beyond the ordinary.

At the very least, this creature was vastly different from any other creature that they had encountered in these marshlands.

“I don’t know either.” Jun Xiaomo spoke earnestly, “But we’ve got to remain vigilant. Maintain our present formations.”

Their present formation was exactly the formation that Jun Xiaomo and the rest had come up with over the last two days of practice. They were able to both attack and defend with this formation, and it was most suitable when faced with the approach of an unknown danger.

Everyone’s hearts constricted with anxiety as they watched the figure draw closer to them. Yet nobody realized that the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples remained completely calm and unfazed. Du Yongxu’s lips had even curled into a vicious and scheming smile.

As the figure in the horizon drew closer and closer, Jun Xiaomo and the rest were finally...

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