Chapter 219: Ephemeral Success, the Du Clan’s Retaliation

The numbing effect of the Thousand-Eyed Spider’s poison was incredibly powerful. It only took a small bit of it to thoroughly numb and incapacitate a person, and that person would wind up with a tragic fate where he would watch in horror as he was devoured by the Thousand-Eyed Spider bit by bit.

The Thousand-Eyed Spider liked to lay out a sprawling web in a concealed place and even slather a layer of its poison on its web. If any cultivator lower than the Golden Core stage of cultivation were to be so unfortunate as to find himself caught on the web, his fate would immediately have death written all over it.

That said, the Thousand-Eyed Spider’s poison was not unrivalled. At the very least, the Thousand-Eyed Spider’s poison could not affect any cultivators at the Golden Core stage of cultivation or higher. If the Thousand-Eyed Spider were not careful, they might end up being killed by these stronger cultivators instead.

Apart from that, there were also some spiritual herbs that acted as natural antidotes to the Thousand-Eyed Spider’s numbing poison. Jun Xiaomo and the rest had used these spiritual herbs as preventive medicines when they had earlier encountered the Thousand-Eyed Spider on the second day of the competition, and they were thus able to escape a fate of certain death.

This also formed the basis of the countermeasures that Jun Xiaomo had thought up against Du Yongxu and the rest of the Du Clan...

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