Chapter 218: Secret Weapon – Poison of the Thousand-Eyed Spider

Du Lianqin was not strong enough, so she could only silently watch the group battles from the audience seats. She gnashed her teeth in heartache as she anxiously observed the interaction between Du Yongxu and Jun Xiaomo.

From her perspective, Du Yongxu looked as though he was about to kill Jun Xiaomo in no time, so she had concluded that these moments of feelings for her would be fleeting at best. Yet two incense sticks of time later, Du Yongxu and Jun Xiaomo were still duking it out with each other.

What threatened Du Lianqin the most was the fact that Jun Xiaomo was undeniably eye-catching. Her striking red garments looked as though they had been tailor made for her, and they allowed her to appear as a burgeoning fire with dancing flames gently licking at the surroundings. It was extremely attractive.

“Clan Head, how come brother Xu isn’t killing her with one blow? What in the world is he doing?!” Du Lianqin tugged Du Ruiguang’s sleeves as she cried out with indignation.

She had been fond of Du Yongxu ever since she was young, and she was certain that Du Yongxu would end up marrying her one day. Yet who would have thought that Jun Xiaomo would appear mid-way and thwart her plans like that.

Even though Du Yongxu did not expressly state that he was fond of Jun Xiaomo, Du Yongxu’s gaze had undeniably been transfixed on Jun Xiaomo’s body ever since the start of the fight. It was as though Jun Xiaomo...

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