Chapter 217: Du Yongxu vs Jun Xiaomo

Jun Xiaomo’s face revealed nothing more than a trace of astonishment. Within moments, she managed to compose herself and began to contemplate several strategies to deal with her present predicament.

Jun Xiaomo’s stoicism in the face of danger made Du Yongxu elevate his assessment of Jun Xiaomo, albeit ever so slightly.

In Du Yongxu’s eyes, without the backing of her powerful formation arrays and her talismans, Jun Xiaomo was nothing more than a sheep to the slaughter. He could practically do whatever he wanted with her, and she would not be able to do a thing against him.

“Thunderclap Mantra!” Du Yongxu suddenly waved his arms and launched his next attack. Just like that, over ten bolts of lightning immediately struck at Jun Xiaomo’s head.

This sudden attack took Jun Xiaomo by surprise. Lightning-based spells were the quickest, second only to wind-based spells. Additionally, lightning-based spells possessed the strongest offensive powers among the spells of all elemental affinities.

Thus, it was too late to avoid the attack by the time she reacted. She only had the time to retrieve a talisman from her Interspatial Ring and apply that talisman directly on her palm to block some of the oncoming damage.

After blocking this wave of attack, the talisman immediately self-immolated and burnt up – it had lost its effect extremely quickly.

Jun Xiaomo only possessed two such defensive talismans in her Interspatial Ring. Furthermore, these talismans were the strongest talismans that she could create given her current cultivation level right now. In fact, the creation of each one of these talismans was so draining...

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