Chapter 216: Isolating Jun Xiaomo in Combat

Du Yongxu was unaware of the fact that Jun Xiaomo had relegated his standing in her heart to no more than that of vermin. If he knew about this, his pride and self-image might even give rise to an urge to cleave Jun Xiaomo into countless pieces to rid himself of such a dissonant view.

Right now, all the Du Clan disciples concerned themselves about was how they could quickly dispose of the Heavenly Peak faction and complete the task entrusted to them by the Du Clan Head.

The Du Clan disciples were thoroughly confident of their own abilities. After all, there were only twenty disciples from the Heavenly Peak, and the strongest disciple there was only at the eleventh level of Qi Mastery. Even if there were three times as many such disciples from Heavenly Peak, the Du Clan disciples were still confident that they would have an edge over their opponents and be able to defeat them.

“I want you to draw the attention of all the other Heavenly Peak disciples away later. I’ll deal with Jun Xiaomo alone.” Du Yongxu instructed.

“Young master, Jun Xiaomo is only at the sixth level of Qi Mastery. Is there really a need for you to personally make a move?” one of the Du Clan disciples asked.

“You don’t understand. She’s the heart of the entire Heavenly Peak faction. Father says that she’s invented a form of group battle tactics that might make them much more difficult to deal with. The quicker we get rid of her,...

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