Chapter 215: The Cannon Fodder’s Debacle

These assailants had always been running about busying themselves within the competition grounds, and they had naturally never witnessed the formidable strengths of Jun Xiaomo’s formation arrays.

In fact, even the members of the audience felt that Jun Xiaomo’s abilities and understanding of formation arrays was extremely limited, as though she had only tapped on the tip of the iceberg.

Thus, when Jun Xiaomo’s Fettering Array bound and locked in place the buffoons who had mindlessly charged towards them, before using layers and layers of formidable formation arrays to torment them so much that they began to cry and howl and even call for their mother, several members of the audience began to get shivers down their spines – This lady is far too fearsome. How in the world did she become so proficient with her formation arrays? Even the disciples in the Purple Hut Sect who are known for their formation arrays can’t hold a candle to her.

During the course of the torment, Jun Xiaomo had only slightly adjusted the formation array from time to time – adding a stone to the formation array, removing a twig, shifting some spirit stones about. Yet her actions had resulted in incredible changes to the environment within her formation array. Crackles of earsplitting thunder would ring out and lightning flashed, before it changed to a vicious windstorm, and then yet again to snow and hail. This was completely out of the ordinary, and every change of the environmental condition would bring with them incredible powers of devastation.

Amidst the chaos within the formation array,...

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