Chapter 214: The Cannon Fodder’s Constriction by the Formation Array

One of the audience members drifting in and out of slumber suddenly jolted awake and glanced around. He noticed that most others were asleep, if not drifting in and out of slumber like he had been earlier.

They had all been in the audience booth for three nights now, and most people were starting to grow tired and feel sleepy.

The glow from first light of dawn faintly illuminated the earth. That audience member yawned and stretched as he turned his attention towards the water screen once more. In the next moment, his eyes opened wide.

“Hey, hey. Wake up.” He nudged his companion beside him, “Look at the water screen. Something’s happening!”

His companion was not too pleased that his sweet dreams were being interrupted just like that. But nevertheless, he struggled to open his eyes and turn his attention towards the water screen. At that moment, his eyes opened wide as well.

Something was truly happening! Were the Heavenly Peak faction and the Eternal Summit Sect faction going to engage in an all-out battle on this last day of the group battles?

Gradually, other members of the audience around them began to rouse from their slumber and discover that something was going on as well. Given how the past two days of the group battles had gone, most of the audience members had not borne much expectation for...

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