Chapter 213: Du Yongxu’s Primary Target – Jun Xiaomo

If anyone asked Du Yongxu who he wished to kill the most, his answer would most certainly be Jun Xiaomo of the Heavenly Peak.

He would always remember that incident not long ago, when he led a team of Du Clan disciples out of the sect for their travels and encountered Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen by the Death’s Gorge, particularly how he was subsequently beaten back and forced to retreat in a tragic state.

This was the greatest form of humiliation he had ever experienced in his entire life! Therefore, as soon as he learnt of his father’s plans, he agreed to it without hesitation.

That said, he believed that he might not even need to personally make a move if they wished to dispose of the Heavenly Peak disciples – his martial brothers would suffice.

After all, what could a team of cultivators under the twelfth level of Qi Mastery achieve by their own? They might have some hope against the Du Clan disciples if Ye Xiuwen were still around. But the fact was that Ye Xiuwen had already fallen into the Death’s Gorge, and not even his corpse could be located. The Heavenly Peak disciples were as good as dead if they encountered any other team around.

These were Du Yongxu’s thoughts about the situation. Thus, when he learnt that the Heavenly Peak disciples were still completely fine despite the fact...

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